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Maximizing Your Return

We are experts in vacation rentals and maximizing the return on your investment. We have the data to know what will lead to increased home performance and greater guest satisfaction. Below are just a few ways we can help you maximize your ROI.

beds & capacity

Capacity - While we do not encourage setting up your property as a boarding house, it does make economic sense to maximize your space to appeal to more potential guests. This can be accomplished by adding a comfy sofa bed, thick futon or a trundle bed to guest rooms or lofts. Keep in mind that alternative sleeping options are not as comfortable for adults, and are therefore intended for kids. For example - By increasing the capacity of a 3 bedroom condo from 6 to 8 you can now accommodate two couples with two kids each.

Bedding Options - Sleeping arrangements are one of the first things that guests look at when choosing where to stay. Rentals with larger beds and quality mattresses often book first. A week of great sleep on a good mattress will encourage repeat business. Mattress pads and pillow protectors are highly recommended.

King - 76 x 80 inches: A must for anyone that sleeps in a king at home. More large beds are better.

Queen - 60 x 80 inches: Queens are just the right size for most adult couples and always spacious and more comfortable than a full. They are only recommended if there is not space for a king.

Full – 54 x 75 inches: Also known as a double, they are too small for most adult couples to sleep comfortably on and take up too much room for one person. They are both shorter than and not as wide as queens. The only time we would recommend a full is if there will be two in a bedroom in place of twins or if a queen just won't fit.

Twin - 39 x 75 inches: Also known as a single. This bed option only sleeps one while the previously mentioned options sleep two. They require less space than the other options and are good for children. 

Bunk - A great way to add capacity to a small bedroom but adults (and even some kids) don't like bunk beds. Consider two sets of bunks in a room that is small or designated for kids. If you want the room to be adult-friendly a queen bed with a set of bunks would be a better option if you have the space for it. Be sure to include the safety bars and a ladder to get in the top bed and keep in mind that ceiling fans are not allowed in rooms with bunk beds.

Sofa Sleeper/ Futon - Available in various mattress sizes, most common is queen followed by full then twin. They are a great way to add additional capacity without needing extra space but typically only smaller kids will be comfortable on them.

Trundle/Daybed - Another good option to add capacity in bedrooms, especially for children. They are available in all sizes but twin is the most common. Daybeds will also provide daytime seating as a couch.

Murphy Bed - Also know as wall-beds, they are available in any size and are more comfortable than other alternatives. The best thing is that they typically do not require additional space.

Rollaway bed - A rollaway bed with a memory foam mattress (at least 3" thick) is also an option for little ones. They don't take up much floor space but will require a large closet for storage. The memory foam mattress is the only acceptable rollaway.

rainy daY fun

Stocking your property with some activities to enjoy on those rainy days is a great addition as well.

Board Games – Classics like Checkers, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit are some of our favorites

Decks of cards & card table

If you have the space consider these:

Foosball table (with extra balls)

Pool Table - kids will be the main users so don't buy a high-end table with an expensive top.

Ping-pong table- with plenty of paddles and balls.

Please keep in mind our humid conditions can reek havoc on some of these items. 


Pet-friendly properties are getting more and more popular now-a-days. Some HOA rules limit the number and size of pets allowed by guests so be sure to check on these items before deciding on pet-friendly or not. If your HOA allows it, pet-friendly is a great way to get more rentals and more income! Here is our pet-policy for your reference as well:

PET POLICY: Pets are only allowed in pet friendly properties. There is a $100 per pet fee for all stays 7 days or less, $200 for stays of 8-29 days and $300 for stays of 30 days or greater. In addition there is also a pet-cleaning fee of $50 for stays of 7 days or less, $75 for stays of 8-29 days and $100 for stays of 30+ days. The pets must be leashed at all times when at the beach or outside of the home. If an unreported pet is found to be staying in a property, the guest will be charged $500.00 and be asked to leave without a refund.

decorations, furniture, & appliances 

  • Keep color schemes “light and airy”. Guest want open spaces and no clutter.
  • Bathrooms should be clean, clutter free and have no personal items. 
  • Rugs are trip hazards and hold sand, crumbs, & debris. Even the color coordinated bathmats should be put away until your family returns.
  • Clutter Free Closets and Drawers are important for renters, especially winter Texans.
  • Comfortable Living Room Furniture to seat the capacity – skip the wicker, it is rarely comfortable!
  • Fans – overhead, tabletop or box fans are a good idea if you feel like a room gets a little hot or stuffy. 
  • Guest enjoy sleeping-in while on vacation. Room-darkening curtains are a good idea for bright rooms.
  • Large Flat Screen TVs are the only way to go. Trash any box TVs.
  • An annual servicing of your Central A/C is a must. 
  • Vacuums for every level of the property are helpful to take care of sand and keep your property clean.
  • Fall Deep Cleans are a must after the busy summer season but a spring clean wouldn't be a bad idea either.

beach stuff 

  • Games – Bocce, Horseshoes, Frisbee
  • Sand Toys – beach bucket, shovel
  • Boogie Boards, Pool Floats, & Rafts
  • These are all nice things to have for your renters. You will likely find that at the end of a busy summer that you may have lost a few items because they get left on the beach or damaged but you'll probably acquire some extra items that renters did not have room to take home. Outside storage for these items is ideal.

tvs, internet, & technology 

Don't take renters away from their connected devices. You don’t want to get a bad review because a family member is unable to work or a teenager is out of touch with friends. Reliable WIFI is a must and  is very important to guests today. 

Large flat screen smart TVs are expected and are suggested for all bedrooms. Blu-ray DVD players are less and less of a required item but still recommended. Technology is great but keep in mind it is always best to keep things simple and easy to use.

baby equipment 

Portable Crib, High Chair, Pack and Play, Baby Gates, and Bed Rails are all very helpful to families with younger children. This is a very cost effective way to attract more people and bring back repeat customers.

controllable thermostat 

A thermostat where you can set a temperature high & low temperature limits to stay within a range of 68-80 degrees (for example) is ideal. 

and much more 

When you sign on with Padre Escapes our team will walk through and provide you with more information on how you can improve your property's performance while reducing your liability. Give us a call at 888-316-7182, extension #4 

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